Sunday, May 1, 2011

Updated Pictures

Here are some of his first smiles! So rewarding :)

I can actually set this baby down...(Edison would never stand for it) McKay loves his mat. Thank goodness!

But the problem is, when I set Mckay down, Edison clobbers him.

But how can I refuse him when he just wants to spend time with his brother?

McKay is surprisingly interactive for 2 months. He loves books...this one in particular, and always gives us some good kicks and a smile or two when we bring it out.

Edison has his ways of letting us know that we're not paying attention to banging his truck into Dad's head. But Dad always makes sure to throw him up in the air a couple of times after Mckay story time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

McKay Bert Alexander

Our second little one arrived two weeks early, March 10th at 5:30 am. McKay Bert Alexander was 6lbs 13 oz, and 20 inches long. He's a very calm and quiet baby (yay!) and we love him more every second. Edison is adjusting...but is very sweet with "Mac" as well. He loves to give him kisses, as we all do!

Edison Turns 2!

Our little Edison turned 2 years old Feb.13. He's such a character, Nate and I love having this little guy in our lives. He picks up on the funniest things, and has an excellent memory. My prediction for his future years is that he's going to be just like his Dad when he was little. In other words, I'm in for a wild ride. Here are some of his latest and greatest pictures, and a recap of his special day. Skinny Jeans. He loves putting buckets, blankets, etc. on his head. Always makes for some great goose eggs on his forehead. We've nicknamed him "taps" as he loves to try on our shoes and go walking around on our hard wood floor. The neighbors always know when we're home. His birthday dinner of hot dogs, french fries and root his request of course. Monster truck birthday cake. Loved every bite. Even the wax candle.

The coolest part of his day was when the Baltimore fire department showed up at his house right when he woke up from his nap. (The department was making it's yearly rounds on our street checking everyone's fire detectors. Amazing time on their part... and we looked like the best parents in the world to Edison!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

America's Winter Playground

Dec. 1st was our first snow. Very appropriate I thought. It was absolutely beautiful, and Edison adapted pretty well to it. He loves to throw snowballs, catch snowflakes on his tongue and mainly just eat it. We've had a couple of really nice snowy days which really makes things really feel like Christmas!

I love the big window in our front room that lets us gaze out at the snow all day long. Lovely.

Our little house so pretty in the snow!

Edison was so excited and moving so fast, I could hardly catch a picture of him!

This is coming in after the snow. I just has to put this one up because this is the face he makes when you tell him to say cheese. Such a funny kid.


Well, we're moving again. After four months in Amherst, NY, we'll be moving to Baltimore Maryland. Life has it's little surprises, doesn't it? Nate got accepted to Johns Hopkins to do a Master in Real Estate, which we can't pass up. Besides, we got sick of the buffalo wings here, and can't wait to move on to blue shell crab.

We spent our Thanksgiving Holiday in Baltimore looking for housing, and fell in love with the city. It's a really fun, upbeat and clean city (well, the parts we saw) and we're excited to try it out. I'm just hoping we can stay there longer than 4 months!

All of Nate's classes will be in that that snazzy high rise behind him in the picture. It's right on the water too! He's pretty excited.

Do we look like "Baltimorians"? Is that even what they're called?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Holidays are so much more fun with little kids. Edison really grasped the "Halloween" concept and to my great pleasure was excited about every Halloween activity that we did.

I think I told Edison that we were going to eat the pumpkin seeds out of the pumpkin, but I must not have told him that we had to bake them first.

His very first carmel apple. I thought for sure he'd just lick the carmel off, but he surprised me and ate all the way to the core!

Trying on Mom's Halloween costume, over and over and over again.

Here he is in his pumpkin glory! I was so happy that he kept his costume on the entire ward party!!! And yes, that is candy corn juice spilling from his mouth. The center piece on our table was gone in about five min.

Such a happy pumpkin.

He even whispered a "trick or treat" at every stop.

Mixing in with his natural surroundings.

Poor Nate had to light those pumpkins over and over and over again because you know who had too much fun blowing the candles out.

Fall Has Been Good to Us.

Fall has been absolutely 100% enjoyable. No complaints here. Although the weather has gotten frigid, we've had some wonderful sunny "sweater weather" days as well. I had to post some pictures of those Fall moments that made me the happiest.

This is one of our beautiful trees outside out front room window. When the sun hits the tree just right, our front room couch is the best place to snuggle up and read.

Even better, watching the squirrels from inside come by on our tree for some bird feeder treats! (There he is on the second branch up)

I know it's blurry, but this picture captures our street at the very beginning of fall. It was like having streets paved with gold. It only lasted for about two days till all the leaves fell off, but it certainly was fun to walk through.

This is Niagara Falls River at the beginning of the season. Very, very pretty.

And of course, lots of leaves to rake and lots of piles to jump in! Edison loved jumping in the leaves.

Pumpkin patch, after pumpkin patch. We couldn't get enough.

When you're dressed right, a rainy day walk in the leaves can be nice!

If it was too wet and rainy outside, it gave us an excuse to stay inside and make some delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!!